Biography Martina Angela Müller


 Martina Angela Müller is a visual artist practicing in a number of different fields. The main body of her work is abstract painting, but she also works in sculpture, environmental art and installation. She is Senior Artistic Director at Lightforms Art+Spirit Art Center in Hudson, NY that will open its doors in the summer of 2019. She creates her paintings, sculptures and installation pieces by bringing meditative content inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner and great spiritual documents from many spiritual traditions together with the living forces of nature. Her work often starts with the inscriptions that the life force in nature writes into sand, clouds, stone or the soft fibers of wood. Those manifestations in the cellular structure of wood, stone and sand then get transformed in the studio through deep artistic/meditative immersion, drawing on the insights of spiritual activity into paintings, sculptures or installations. Upon completion the sculptures find their way back into nature when installed after having undergone the transformative artistic process. Through magnification and amplification of the smallest, inconspicuous inscriptions the open secrets of nature become visible to others and displayed in their full majesty. Martina’s work has been seen in numerous galleries and venues throughout the North East and is in private collections across four continents. Most recently Martina’s sculpture was seen with Sculpture Now at The Mount in Lenox, MA at Flying Horse Sculpture Show in Hamilton and at Diana Felber Gallery in West Stockbridge, both in Massachusetts as well as LaMama LaGalleria and Center Point Gallery in NYC. Martina is on the faculty of the Alkion Center and works as freelance artist and teacher in Ghent NY where she maintains her studio. 

Born and raised in Germany she studied at Ruhr University Bochum, Emerson College, England and Institute for Waldorf Pedagogy in Witten-Annen. Her main teachers were: Hudson River School Painter Thomas Locker, Ted Mahle at Rudolf Steiner College and Annemarie Martin-Habig.


  • Exhibitions:

  • Flying Horse Sculpture Show, Hamilton, MA Summer 2018

  • Sculpture Now, at the Mount, Lenox, MA, Summer 2017

  • Out of Many, One, at Meetinghouse Gallery, New Marlborough, MA, August 2017

  • Entry Point, at Center Point Gallery, NYC, Spring 2017

  • Chatham Meadows Sculpture Show, Chatham, NY, 2016

  • Group Show at Diana Felber Gallery, West Stockbridge, MA, Fall 2016

  • Group Show at LaMama LaGalleria, New York City, 2014

  • Participating Artist at “Art in Giving”, Boston, MA ,2014

  • Solo show at Joan Allen Gallery, Ghent, NY, 2015

  • Two artist show with installation at Free Columbia Space, Philmont, NY, 2013

  • Solo show at Fountain Hall Performing Art Center, Copake, NY, 2012

  • Installation and paintings for Arts Walk at Basilica Industria, Hudson, NY, 2010

  • Group Show at Threefold Auditorium, Spring Valley, NY 2010

  • Continuous showings at Cooperative Gallery 345 in Hudson, NY, 2007-2009

  • One piece at Sanford Smith Gallery, Great Barrington, MA 2006

  • Numerous shows in cafes, bookstores, performing art venues in upstate NY and Western Massachusetts, 1996 – present


  • Credere Grant for Installation at Basilica Industria, Hudson, NY 2010

  • Ilse Kolbuszowski grant for exhibit and installation at Free Columbia Space, 2013


  • Teaching art to adults since 1990

  • Teaching art at the middle and high school level since 1997

  • Currently teaching at the Alkion Center for Adult Education and Hawthorne Valley High School, NY

  • Teaching art at a retirement home, 2013

  • Homeschool groups over the last eight years


Illustration and Book Covers and Graphic Work

  • Internationally published children’s book illustrator (Floris Books, Christofoor, Urachhaus) of three children’s books, 1997-1999

  • Numerous book covers, logos and illustrations for magazines and periodicals

  • Cover of the Cortland Review, 2008


  • Article about my work in “Lilipoh” magazine Fall Issue 2013



  • Cambridge University, England, English Proficiency Exam

  • Ruhr University, Bochum, Art and English

  • Emerson College, England, Art and English

  • Institute for Waldorf Pedagogy, Witten, Germany, High School Art Education


Artist Statement

 Martina Angela Müller


The main body of my work has been abstract oil and mixed media painting for almost three decades. I also work in stainless steel, stone and wood sculpture as well as installation and environmental art.

Throughout the years of painting I have pursued one main goal: to work towards a vibrant transcendence of color as a manifestation of lively, expanding and ever changing spirituality. The inner aspect of this work has been meditation of the world’s great spiritual documents, especially the meditative instruction inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner, as a lead into the painting process; and technically I have worked with running color, drips, glazes, push and pull techniques, drumming brushstrokes, linear scripts of inner and outer movement and soft buffing techniques. Every piece consists of countless layers to achieve radiance, a luminous experience and depth.  

In my latest work I have added a component of direct interaction with natural processes by letting the wind or water get actively involved in forming the composition by manipulating natural materials on the canvas like earth, ash, marble dust etc. outside in nature. I experience the earth as the bearer of our collective consciousness and identity and love bringing it into my work. Atmospheric, elemental, meditative paintings are the outcome of these processes.

          Although working with colors is mainly a visual activity, it nevertheless and strangely enough has a lot to do with listening as well. 

I often get inspired by great pieces of music, by standing in the presence of great art, by nature and by sacred, meditative texts that I work with. These experiences can trigger a huge creative response, often like an image or imagination that forms itself in front of the inner eye as an activity of the soul and that I can see as clearly as a landscape painter would see a landscape and then feel impelled to paint it.  Process itself is a vital part of my painting. Although I have a starting image or idea I leave a lot to what arises out of the process and see it as a great adventure in which unforeseen things happen and add unexpected detail to the whole story. 

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